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Urgent care locum tenens physician

As our local communities become busier each and every day, many patients are turning to urgent care centers for their immediate medical needs rather than visiting their traditional primary care physicians. An urgent care center is often a convenient option when a patient’s regular doctor is unable to offer a timely appointment. This rush means more urgent care jobs.

Because urgent care physicians are on the “front lines” of healthcare, it’s necessary that they be prepared for a wide scope of medical specialties that involve direct patient care, according to the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine (AAUCM). Family practice and emergency medicine are the most common specialties of urgent care physicians, though doctors with a distinct knowledge base and skill-set, along with a wide breadth of medical experience, may find work at an urgent care center attractive.

At NEXTLocums, our team of experienced physician recruiters can help you find a locum tenens position at an urgent care center right for you. As this market within the U.S. healthcare sector continues to expand, the need for physicians is rapidly growing, making urgent care locums jobs even more attractive.

We encourage you to browse urgent care jobs available now for locum tenens professionals; if you have any questions about specific opportunities, connect with a NEXTLocums recruiter today.

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