You can control your schedule. The amount of work required of a doctor these days (beyond just patient care) is immense. It’s not just a 9-5 job; we are sometimes working 60–80 hours per week to meet documentation and regulatory requirements. The only way to be sure you get enough time off is to commit to short-term assignments.

Dr. Val Jones

This locums I enjoy having no after hours ‘on call’ responsibilities for the first time in a 35+ year medical career.

Dr. Bill Price

[My recruiter] is honest, friendly, respectful and very professional. If I ask him a question or have a problem, he gets right on it and has an answer back to me as soon as possible.

Dr. Gary Kersten

[My recruiter] is approachable and available all the time. I’m on the West Coast, so even in different time zones, he was incredibly responsive. Even on a sick day, he’s still texting me details.

Dr. Val Jones

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