Locum Tenens Growth

Locum Tenens Growth

More than 94% of US healthcare facilities reported using locum tenens physicians each year and more than 50,000 physicians work locum tenens assignments each year. Between high rates of physician burnout, physician shortages and the move to value-based care reimbursement structures, facilities can’t afford to have physician vacancies.

The move to value-based care reimbursement structures

Everyone likes being rewarded for a job well done — including physicians. Healthgrades and Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) analyzes around 7 million patient reviews and comments by Healthgrade visitors. What they found changes the way physicians interact with their patients.

They found that 52% of patients cared that their doctor had non-clinical factors like:

  • Compassion
  • Comfort
  • Patience
  • Personality
  • Bedside Manner

These factors greatly influence patient satisfaction results. To help physicians provide the best care to their patients, many facilities are implementing value based care reimbursement structures. This reimbursement model focuses on the quality of care rather than quantity.

Locum tenens providers can help ensure positive patient interactions by bringing fresh energy to facilities with burnt-out or short-handed staff. These providers can spend more time with patients and help keep patients from feeling rushed during an appointment.