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The mission of the Indian Health Service (IHS) is to raise the physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of American Indians and Alaska Natives to the highest level. At NEXTLocums, our team not only believes in this mission, but works to connect qualified healthcare providers like yourself with these under-served groups of people.

As a locum tenens working for the IHS, you will be engaged in one of the more unique healthcare opportunities available in the U.S. While providing quality care to American Indians and Alaska Natives, you will have the opportunity to learn about new cultures, views, and lifestyles. Many IHS facilities are located on reservations throughout the country, allowing for a truly immersive experience in unique geographical locations.

Benefits of IHS Locum Tenens Jobs

For many locum tenens, working with the IHS provides a chance for exploration—both topographical and cultural. The unique landscapes offered near many IHS locations may yield uncommon day trips, fascinating historical treasures, and one-of-kind natural wonders. With facilities that extend as far north as Alaska and as far south as Arizona, locum tenens positions can provide countless opportunities for the explorer.

You may use any state license for a locum tenens position with the IHS, and the team at NEXTLocums will work with you to provide the best housing situation for your needs while on assignment. Competitive compensation is another incentive to accept a role with the IHS, as many providers view locum tenens as a lucrative career option.

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If you’re ready to work with an under-served population in a unique healthcare setting, contact a recruiter at NEXTLocums today. Our team has helped many providers find the locum tenens position with the Indian Health Service that fits their goals and ambitions.

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