422Retire on Your Terms with Locum Tenens Assignments

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Retire on Your Terms with Locum Tenens Assignments

Retirement is a dream for many Americans. But for healthcare providers, it doesn’t have to be the end of medical careers. Instead, retirement is the ideal time to take...

Jan 31, 2019

Occupational Medicine and Urgent Care are the Perfect Match

Occupational medicine physicians focus on preventive medicine and treating injuries and illnesses that are related to a patient’s workplace. Around 892,000 occupational injuries and illnesses occurred in 2016 alone,...

Oct 11, 2018

3 States Hit Hardest by Healthcare Professional Shortage

The United States will require 2.3 million more healthcare professionals by 2025 to properly care for patients. Luckily, locum tenens physicians are the perfect solution to the shortage. The shortage...

Aug 23, 2018

Landing a Job After Residency

You’ve done it. You’ve spent years working towards this. You stayed up into the wee hours of morning studying. You drank endless amounts of coffee to keep you going....

Aug 10, 2018

National Locum Tenens Week 2018

National Locum Tenens Week is celebrated August 13-17, 2018. The week is focused on honoring each locum tenens physician that is dedicated to caring for patients across the country....

Aug 10, 2018

Tips and Tricks for Traveling as a Locum Tenens

Traveling as a locum tenens physician can be stressful and overwhelming if you let it be. This is especially true when traveling to a new place. As a locum...

Aug 01, 2018

Understaffed practices can rely on locum tenens providers

Recently, Physician’s Practice released their 10th annual Staff Salary Survey, in which they surveyed physicians and practice managers about pay, benefits and the changes going on within staffing their...

Jun 27, 2018

Exploring the Gender Wage Gap and How to Level the Playing Field

  During a time when pay equality among actors and actresses in Hollywood is trending daily, it’s hard to ignore that the gender pay gap extends well beyond show...

Apr 04, 2018