Travel CRNA: Advantages of Working Locum Tenens Assignments

Jan 22, 2020

Many assume that only physicians can work locum tenens assignments. While a sizable chunk of locum providers are physicians, advanced practice professionals can also work locum tenens. Currently, CRNAs are in high-demand in the locums industry. There are many advantages to working as a travel CRNA including earning a higher salary, building skills and having the freedom to choose where you work.

Travel CRNA Advantages

Build Your Skill Set

Working locums assignments means gaining experience in new settings with diverse populations and various ailments to treat. You can improve upon your current skills or add new skills to your resume as you grow from taking assignments in different work environments. Having a wide range of skills will make you more desirable to employers and will set you up for a successful career.

Choose Where You Want to Go

A wonderful advantage of working as a travel CRNA is having the freedom to choose where you would like to work. Your recruiter will ask if there are any specific locations you prefer, and they will  do their best to accommodate your wishes and find the perfect assignment for you. If you prefer to work closer to home, your recruiter can help make that happen too.

Increase Your Salary

As a travel CRNA, you have the chance to earn a higher salary, especially if you accept assignments in rural areas where there is a shortage of healthcare providers. Even if you don’t work in a rural area, pay rates for locum tenens providers are typically higher than permanent staff because locums are stepping in to fulfill an urgent need at the facility.

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