NEXTLocums has some very unique locum tenens opportunities for physicians who want a true road warrior travel doctor experience. When presented with the idea of traveling all over the United States for just a day or two at a time, Dr. Hoang jumped at the opportunity.

Looking for Adventure in Locum Tenens

NEXTLocums: What made you decide that you wanted to do locums work?

Dr. Hoang: I had just finished my residency in New York City – so 4 years in one spot. And it was an intense 4 years, with hours and hours that I put into nonstop work. When I finished, I just felt that I needed a change. I wanted to travel.

NEXTLocums: What do you enjoy about working locum tenens?

Dr. Hoang: Taking locums assignments works with my schedule. NEXTLocums handles everything with the scheduling, traveling, etc so I get to take it moment by moment. I wanted a change. Something to mix it up a little, and this gives me the opportunity to have another adventure.

NEXTLocums: When you get to a new city how do you get to know the area?

Dr. Hoang: When I go to a new assignment, I ask locals for their advice on what to do around town. It’s a great way to talk to new people and find new places to explore. I’m a very active person so I really enjoy doing anything outdoors.

NEXTLocums: What has been your favorite city to work in so far?

Dr. Hoang: I really love when my assignments can take me closer to family and friends. When I took an assignment in Vegas, I was able to see a friend from medical school who I haven’t seen for years and when I took an assignment in Oklahoma I got to see my aunt. Being able to visit friends really makes things memorable.

On one trip I drove through parts of Montana and Wyoming from the airport and got to see a lot of the countryside that I normally would never have been able to see.

A map of the cities Dr. Hoang traveled to as part of her locum tenens assignment with NEXTLocums.

Could a Traveling Doctor Position Like This Be For Me?

NEXTLocums: If you could give advice to a physician considering locums, what would you tell them?

Dr. Hoang: If someone is looking for a break from full-time work and wants to explore the county while pursuing other things they enjoy, this can be a great fit.

This is helping me what I want to decide to do long term. I’m enjoying working with the veteran population and would consider that for the future. I was concerned when I started because this is a very different population than what I treated in NYC, but this has been a great experience.


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