How NEXTLocums Makes Moving to New Healthcare Systems Easy

Dec 12, 2017

When a physician moves from one healthcare system to another, the true headache comes in the most mundane of forms: paperwork. The credentialing process can be a burdensome one, and many physicians who are considering locum tenens work may be hesitant to take the leap because of this step.

At NEXTLocums, our credentialing team makes this process easy for the providers we work with, as we believe you should be focusing on the transition into a new patient population. Our goal is to make the move to a new healthcare system as simple as possible for you; here are a few ways our experienced team achieves this for the locum tenens we work with.

1. We pre-populate a physician’s information to assist with their application.

We also do this with forms so you can simply sign. A majority of the work can be done electronically; this is not only faster, but easier for providers.

2. Our team obtains as much information as we possible before requesting anything from the physician.

This includes things like education certificates, work history, previous COIs, etc. By doing this, we’re not bothering providers for information that we can access ourselves elsewhere.

3. NEXTLocums can also gather information on a physician’s previous medical licenses.

When working with NEXTLocums, physicians typically do not have to dig up old information on medical licenses.

4. We put our team’s extensive experience to work for providers.

The NEXTLocums credentialing team has handled the transition between healthcare systems for many locum tenens professionals. Physician Credentialing Specialist Nancy Johnson has 24 years of hospital experience and used to hire locums for facilities. Physician Credentialing Team Leader Sheri Snively has 13 years of hospital experience and 15 years of operating urgent care facilities. It’s safe to say that providers who work with NEXTLocums are in qualified hands during the credentialing process.

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