5 Reasons Why Locum Tenens Can Be Your Medical Staffing Solution

May 05, 2017

When hospitals and clinics are in need of temporary staffing solutions, they have the option of turning to a Locum Tenens staffing firm. Firms that do locum staffing are inherently temporary agencies for the medical services and healthcare industry. They can also assist your institution with doctor recruitment. Here are the main reasons why NEXTLocums can be your medical staffing solution.

1. Ensures Continuity In Case of Hospital Staff Absences
Medical officer recruitment can become a serious issue when a full-time staff physician goes on leave, decides to engage in research, or becomes ill or otherwise unavailable. Locum Staffing services can ensure continuity in patient care by providing a suitable candidate to cover the load in the absence of the regular physician.

2. Helps Medical Facilities Get Qualified Physicians
For physicians fresh out of medical school needing that all-important first job, Locum Staffing can make the search easier and faster. NEXTLocums maintains a database of all temporary and permanent positions across the nation. The advantage here is that the new physician can search in only one place for listings of locum tenens jobs for various specialties, saving time, and resources in the job search.

3. Acts As A Support Agent During Staff Turnover
Locum Tenens physicians can make medical facilities stronger. By filling in for burned out and overworked staff, locums physicians can help healthcare facilities avoid costly staff turnover. A hospital can determine the local demand for a new service by initially hiring Locum Tenens clinicians to provide the service. If it proves viable, permanent staff can be hired to continue the service or to staff a new department; conversely, if the service turns out to be unpopular, the temporary physicians can move on, providing the facility with a relatively low-cost way to experiment with new services.

4. Can Cut Staffing Expenses
Due to increase in demand, physicians are in short supply almost everywhere, and temporary physicians can fill in the gaps during busy days, weeks, or months. While facility administrators may balk at the added expense, the costs of fill-in physicians to facilities are much less than the money earned by seeing additional patients. Partnering with NEXTLocums can make temporary physicians an easy solution to medical staffing shortages facilities face.

5. Enables Flexibility Anytime, Anywhere
Locum Tenens works very well for new doctors in search of his/her first position. NEXTLocums can assist medical professionals to work in clinics and hospitals around the country without the necessity of a long-term commitment. In both cases, using NEXTLocums assistance to fill a position can save time and money.

Whether you are seeking doctor recruitment for your institution or a physician looking for a short posting, NEXTLocums can offer fast, dependable solutions. We screen all candidates to be sure they have the appropriate qualifications and background.

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